That's One Big Fat Lie, 

but it's the perception held by the majority of website visitors that flee your site after tripping over excessive errors in grammar, spelling, choppy copy and 1970's graphics.  They believe that these snafus open the door to your credibility issues, and once that "bridge" is crossed, you can kiss them and future treatment fees goodbye. 

When visitors flew the coop, they also took their family, relatives,
friends, referrals, and the next generation with them.

So, when you don't make a big deal over losing a visitor, think of the trickle-down effect
costing you thousands in lost fees over your career, when our proofreading would have
cooled their jets for the cost of a sofa.  Simply put, we right what's written using proofreading,
that low-tech exercise with a high return. 

"Sloppy Website = Sloppy Practice" is the cockamamie perception disappointed website visitors have after tripping over your site's plethora of errors.  All you can do is helplessly stand by, as you and your entire practice fall into the unforgiving  credibility gap, which in an instant, clips your wings, ego, reputation, skill level, and your bottom line.

Even worse, you're mistakenly perceived as stupid and ill-equipped mentally and physically to provide just borderline dentistry.  Those visitors reason that if you're not attentive to basic details, much less perfection, that sloppiness carries over to your dental skill, opening the door to a flood of misdirected and false assessments of your practice.  Those framed degrees, accolades and citations, proudly displayed on your office wall will do diddly to convince them otherwise.

If you're annoyed by this website's content, thus far, that's a good sign, as we've grabbed your attention, indicative of corrective action that might be on your plate in the near future. Consider us for the weighty responsibility of removing anything on your site which will trigger a visitor to bail, especially by those seemingly embarrassing mini- snafus, like "vinears" and "tarter".


You don't need our services if:
Your webmaster is an English major
Your webmaster is a graphic designer
​​ Your webmaster is infallible
Your webmaster is a proficient proofreader
Your webmaster is sure your site is error-free
(Our thanks to all webmasters who mistakenly place their knowledge of technology
well above their propensity for errors, 
snafus, goofs, boners, slips, oopses, in addition to
their lack of nuances usually associated with design, accuracy, and aesthetics
for which you're unjustly billed.)  

"Website Proofreading Authority" is not just an uppity firm name, as it succinctly portrays our uncanny ability to ferret out languishing errors that have given you a bad rap and replace them with the proper King's English.  In the process, your credibility is restored through that technology-deficient field:  proofreading.

So, who's to blame?  Without question, your website's developer, who evidently has devoted too much time loading up your site with bells-and-whistles, and too busy to proofread their product, your website.  You've probably forgotten, but when you paid for their services, you also paid for every one of their errors, which still languish on your site, scaring visitors and dollars away like clockwork, every day.

So, we all make mistakes , but theirs have cost you thousands in lost revenue in the past, continues to this day, and will stubbornly persist in the future until the languishing errors are removed and/or corrected.  All you can do now is grieve for "what coulda been" if your sloppy site didn't scare away the first member of the family to fly-the-coop. You'd be reaping thousands of dollars every year from treating that visitor, as
  well as the family, relatives, friends, referrals, and the next generation. . .

So, what to do?   Get in touch with us before their errors cost you a penny more.  Our fee?  Perhaps the approximate cost of a nice leather sectional from Macy's, or some exquisite ties from Nordstrom's.  That's one heck of a bargain, when you consider the potential treatment fees lost by a single visitor who bailed.  And, when you receive our invoice, you might be inclined to pass it on to your website developer, who planted the errors in the first place,  costing you thousands and continue to do so until a firm such as ours respects and treats English as its first language.

Since 2004, we have been righting what others have written , which in itself serves
as a didactive, yet effective teaching tool for website developers and DIYs,
as well as independent practices and DSOs, to include:

 Smile Brands, Sage Dental,   The Kois Center, Kois Dentistry, The Pankey Institute, Heartland Dental, Wonderist Agency, Sesame Communications, TNT Dental, Henry Shine, ProSites, 
Goldstein Garber & Salama, DecisionOne Dental Partners
, University of Michigan School of Dentistry, Creighton University School of Dentistry

Yes, we're deeply involved and well-educated in our chosen field of proofreading, 
where  the King's English isn't our second language, but theirs.

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